There is a little known secret that the real estate world doesn’t want you to know: You do NOT need to hire a realtor to sell your house. When you use I Can Buy Your House, you receive an offer on the spot if we like your home. We’ll sign a contract and schedule a fast and convenient closing date right then and there. No realtor can move that quickly!

When you use a realtor, a lot of money gets lost in the process of selling your home. With I Can Buy Your House, we have no hidden fees. We don’t charge closing costs either. You keep 100% of the sale of your home. Whether you are having financial trouble or you just want to keep the money for yourself, sell your house to us for cash that is all yours.

You Will Waste Time with a Realtor

When people sell us their homes, they are often facing a difficult or upsetting situation. Maybe you can’t afford your mortgage payments or your property taxes. Maybe you’re moving or have a job relocation and need to sell your house before you leave the area. Maybe you’re undergoing a messy divorce and you just want the process over. Regardless, most hard times require a fast home sale. That won’t happen with a realtor.

Everything with a real estate agent slows down your home sale. Agents will take time to put your home online. You have to wait until someone is interested to come visit your house. Next, inspectors will come in and out of your home. Contract negotiations go back and forth. You may have to wait for your buyer to have mortgage approval or for them to sell their home.

Sometimes, your house won’t sell, and a real estate agent may waste time with open houses and lowering the price. Weeks turn into months and you become frustrated with the process. If you need to sell your home before you buy another one, a realtor may cause you to lose your dream home.

None of that happens when you call I Can Buy Your House. You call us or complete our form to schedule a visit. We make an offer. We go to close. You get a price you’re happy with and cash in hand. It’s a fast, hassle-free home sale.

Get money for your house quickly and without realtor fees! Call I CAN BUY YOUR HOUSE now and let us buy your house for cash!

Realtors Can’t Sell an Old, Ugly or Damaged Home

When you rely on a real estate agent to sell your house, the house must look pretty. Photos are put online and people come to see your home. That’s not very promising for old, damaged or abandoned homes. No one wants to buy an ugly house. Except us, of course! We buy your house in any condition.

Other buyers would be scared of termite damage or damage from water, fire or other weather problems. We’re real estate investors who plan to flip your house, so we’re not afraid of a project!

If your house is in bad condition, mortgage companies may not lend enough for some buyers to purchase your home. That’s not a problem when we buy your house. We’ll be ready to close on your home when you are!