It Couldn’t Be Easier to Sell Your House for Cash in Stone Mountain

It’s fair to say that not enough people make use of home buyers like I Can Buy Your House. The real estate market is tricky, expensive and time-consuming. If you have a house to sell in Stone Mountain, I Can Buy Your House will make your home sale fast, easy and profitable!

The whole process occurs in just 5 steps:

  1. You give us your address and say “Come buy my house.”
  2. We run a quick title check and contact you within 24 hours to schedule the visit.
  3. We inspect your home, apartment, condo, townhome, etc. and make you an immediate, no obligation cash offer.
  4. If you accept, we sign a contract and set a fast closing date.
  5. We go to closing where an attorney handles all of the paperwork and puts the funds directly into your account.

That’s it! Five easy steps to a home sale with no hidden fees. We want to buy your home and we want our customers happy!

We’re the Right Buyer for Your Old and Damaged Home

If your house is old, damaged or just in need of updating, you definitely should sell your house to us. Not many people are excited to buy fixers or short sale and foreclosure homes. Banks also may not offer a mortgage if your house is in bad condition.

We aren’t afraid to buy an ugly house and we give you a top dollar price. Our offer is made with standard real estate criteria in mind. We look at size, condition, location, the extent of the damage, comparable sales, etc. We promise our price is fair because we want to buy your house!

We are the best option for many home owners, so contact us today! Give us a call or complete our form to start your easy home sale!