Do you list my house or just buy it?

I Can Buy Your House is a company of real estate investors, so we buy your house directly from you. No MLS listing needed!

Do you really buy any house? Even if the home is in bad condition?

Yes! We buy your home AS IS! Ugly, old or damaged houses aren’t a problem to us. When we say we buy houses in any condition, we mean it!

Do you only buy single family homes?

Great question! We buy ALL homes whether the home is a condo, townhouse, single family home or multi-family unit. You can even sell us a commercial property or vacant lot. If you’re not sure if you have something we’ll buy, just give us a call!

How do you determine the price of my house?

In many ways, we examine your home the way a realtor or potential buyer would. We consider the condition of the house, how much repairs are needed, the size of the home, the location, comparable home prices, etc. We promise to give you a fair price for your home, because we want this to be a win-win situation all around.

Do I have to pay you closing costs or fees?

Not at all! When we say we buy your house for cash, we mean it! I Can Buy Your House is a no-fee, hassle-free home buying service. Sell us your house to avoid realtor fees and closing costs, and still get a fair price for your home.

How quickly will you buy my house?

Our buying process is very straight-forward. Once we make you an offer on your home and you accept, we schedule a closing date. Nothing else needs to be scheduled so the entire process should only take a few days.

Will you buy my house if I am behind on mortgage payments or facing foreclosure?

Yes! Owning a home is expensive and losing your job or other financial trouble can make mortgage payments impossible. We use a closing attorney when we buy your home, so all financial obligations will be handled by an expert.

Is it a problem if we have tenants?

It shouldn’t be. We’ll want to see copies of your lease agreements and we may talk to your tenants, but we are still interested in duplexes, apartment buildings or other commercial properties.

What if I already have a real estate agent?

Another great question! If you’ve signed with a realtor, he or she may collect a commission on your home if we buy your house. You may still want to sell to I Can Buy Your House if your house isn’t selling, so talk to your agent to see how much commission they will take. Otherwise, wait until your contract runs out to earn the most money on your home sale.

Am I obligated to sell my house to you if you make us an offer?

Of course not! Selling your house is a big financial decision and we respect that. You are under no obligation to sell to us based on our quote. We promise to offer you the price we believe is our best offer, but you can still walk away.