We'll Solve Your Decatur Real Estate Problems

Selling your house is an emotionally draining and time consuming process. Real estate agents can’t sell all houses nor can they help you in tricky situations. In many cases, selling your house for cash is a much better option. Sellers come to us when:

  • Mortgage payments or taxes get too high
  • They lose their job or need to relocate for a new career
  • A messy divorce makes a home sale necessary
  • Termites, storms or a fire damage a house beyond repair
  • They inherited a house they don’t want

Whatever the reason you want us to buy your house, we want the process to be easy for you. The condition of your home won’t scare us, and our closing attorney will help you navigate the payment of your mortgage, liens and any other bills attached to the home. I Can Buy Your House prides themselves on hassle-free homes sales.

How We Calculate a Price

When you contact us via phone or form completion, we respond within 24 hours. We’ll verify the title and visit your house, apartment, condo or whatever other type of residence you have. We evaluate the price based on other Decatur homes. Factors like the condition of the house, how much repairs are needed, the square footage and similar items are all taken into account. We keep our prices competitive and fair, so you know you are getting top dollar for our home.

You are under no obligation to accept our offer—but we think you will! We’ll set a quick closing date within a few days, and you’ll be rid of your unwanted house in no time. Trust us—you’ll be happy if I Can Buy Your House buys your house!